E-zine Vartiklis
1. Every man and every woman is a star.
2. Every number is infinite; there is no difference.
3. Come forth, o'children, under the stars, &
take your fill of love

'Vartiklis' is a FREE E-zine distributed by E-mail and via the WWW. It's oriented for the computer user or the individual who wants to dip into mythology, spirituality, or Lithuanian culture. It has an information about computer programming and WWW creation. I hope the number of English pages will grow constantly.

AD: Performance of Saulius Sondeckis

It's time to open your eyes and look to Global Lithuanian Net
Global Lithuanian Net

For your surfing pleasure:

Lithuanian War Chronicles
An account of the Lithuanian resistance

The Lithuanian language at the end of the commonwealth.

My Lithuanian mushroom page - great photos!

Edelweiss: The flower of love [In German]

Celebrate Jonines Day [St.John's Day]: June 23rd.
Recreating the life of the ancient Balts.

Dandelions by Lukas Vangelis,
Poems of Judita Vaiciunaite,
Poems of Paulius Sirvys,
Louis G. Carroll: "Through the Looking Glass"

Other Great Stuff:
The manuscript of Wolfenbuttel
The wilderness
Fragments of Essays:
A tree . . . a bird. Very neo-Lithuania.
What is a myth?

Illustrated pages of Lithuania's: 8th wonder of the World:
From Nice, France to the woods of Varena, Lithuania.,
Nida and Kursiu Nerija [The Curorian Spit]:
Lithuania's World of Nature.
German: Thomas Mann: My Summer House : The Curonian Spit.

Learn why the Health Ministry is dangerous to your health.
Images of Lithuanians in Greece,
Lithuanian explanatory dictionary,

Juozas Erlickas: Selected statements from recent Parliament elections.
Juozas Erlickas: Clear gaps. The Conservatives are Coming! [Recent Parliament elections].
Beavis and Butt-Head Say:
"Computers are Cool!"

MTV: The Butt-files!

Want more Lithuanian resources in English? Australijos Jaunimo Zinios
Surf over to The Philatelic Club!

Australian Lithuanian Youth assocation
and JauZinios magazine

The Lithuanian Dunes of Curonian Spit

Read more about the Curorian Spit: Lithuania's wonder of nature.
Don't forget Nobel laureat Thomas Mann's 1931 speech: "My Summer House", [The Curonian Spit] WRITTEN IN GERMAN. Both pages are illustrated by photos.

For full-sized view of photos, simple click PIX or link. For additional photos, Drop Me A Line.

Lithuanian dune 1 First photo
Lithuanian dune 2 Second photo
Lithuanian dune 3 Third photo
Lithuanian dune 4 Fourth photo

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